Babes In Joshua Tree (video)

Thanks to Kerryann and Savannah, I got some extra GoPro footage from the Babes in Joshua Tree event… including some of me on the Monster! Combined with some of the shots of ladies around camp, it turned out to be a pretty good example of all the sweet motorcycles (and ladies) that showed up to the event. It’s a shorty, just 2 mins and 24 seconds.

Make sure the video is set to HD- sometimes youtube auto-plays things at a crappier quality. Or, if you prefer, there’s an alternate Vimeo video available.

Stay tuned- next post comin’ your way is allllll the photos captured at the event.

Visit for info on their ladies only camp outs.

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Loving the RC51 Motorcycle

Um, so the Honda RC-51 is a fun bike… no surprise there eh?

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