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Hey, my first bike was a 1980 Yamaha XS 850. IT had a custome tank and seat but otherwise the same bike (lil more ccs). Those lil guys are fun to ride around town. Get it girl!  – from (2skool4cool)

Hey, thanks for writing! The Yamaha XS 850 has a ton more zip than my little bike (not that she’s lacking in ANY way of course..) because it’s a chain driven and also less heavy. It’s about 550 lbs, mine is about 600 and the engine isn’t as powerful. It’s a little more classic looking in my opinion, too. But I love my bike, with a little more tweaking she’ll be perfect. I’d love to see yours! 🙂

This is a nice shot of the 1980 XS 850 in Cafe Form… I love the tank.

cafe 1980 xs yamaha

Less modified…

1980 xs yamaha 850

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