Chelsea And Her Triumph Bonneville


Chelsea Middlebrook is a motorcycling woman native to Southern California.

Living in San Diego, she works as a sales woman as well as spokesmodel. She fell in love with her Triumph Bonneville, and the freedom of riding. But hey, I’ll just let her tell you about that. These gorgeous photographs were taken at Carlsbad State Beach by Sean Capshaw (


“I’m 29 years old and I was born in Orange County, California. Growing up, I lived all over CA- from SD to the Bay… but after high school I decided San Diego was the place for me. Hard to believe that was over 10 years ago now… wow! Tempus fugit.
I’ve always been a people person so I got a job in sales right out of high school and ive been doing it ever since. I am currently working as the sales and marketing director for a corporate printing firm in Vista. While i love my job, working a 9-5 can get pretty humdrum. So to escape the monotony I started doing voiceover work, modeling & advertising hosting on the side, just to keep things interesting and have some extra spendimg money for traveling which I love. I am a bit of a wanderlust, Tokyo being my favorite destination so far, hense my IG handle, TokyoVenus. 😉 The side job biz landed me a gig hosting North County House of Motorcycles monthly bike night in vista, which I love and have been doing for about 5 months now.”
“Both my parents ride, so thats what got me into riding and ever since I can remember I’ve been ridng on the back of motorcycles with my Dad. I still remember the first bike of his that I rode on which was a black 1970’s Harley pan head. Amazing bike. He’s had many bikes since that one and I always loved riding the curves with him on the weekends and pictured myself as a rider one day. He’s currently got a bad ass BMW GS duel sport 1200. That thing is a damn rocket! We are now enjoying rides side by side. My mom is also a rider, shes got a Yamaha Vstar 1200 classic and it weighs about 5 times as much as her but she handles it like a pro. 😉
I had always wanted a bike of my own and even though both my parents advised against it for safety reasons. Six months ago I decided it was my turn. I loved riding with my dad, but I was tired of being a passenger, and my independent nature took over… so it was my time to ride solo. After my tax returns and a nice comission check I was in the market for my first bike!”


“I decided on my Triumph Bonneville because I just loved the handling and vintage aesthetic of them and at 125 lbs, it was the perfect weight for me. I had ridden a few bikes before I decided on it, and even considered a Harley Sportster, but the moment I sat on the Bonne, everything about it felt right. So the decision was made. Since then I’ve been riding every day. It’s funny because you hear riders tell you all the time it’s addicting but until you ride for yourself you never really understand what they mean. It’s truly like nothing else and when I joke with people about having the riding bug, I mean it! I am love sick with riding now, its become a true passion. I literally wake up craving a ride… now I know why dogs hang their heads out the window! There is nothing like the wind in your face and the freedom of riding to wake up your senses and thrill you. No matter what you are feeling it takes you away and puts you in a whole different dimesion. Its like a spiritual awakening on two wheels.”


“Most of my time thats not spent riding or working is spent with my cat Venus and my 5 month old pomeranian puppy Luca, who rides with me and loves it! She’s my bad moto puppy. I love adventure, travel and singing. Music has always been a huge passion of mine, and I’ve recently taught myself a few cords on the guitar to sing along to. Although I am only a beginner rider, I see more epic rides and world travel in my future! Someday I’d love to host my own travel show, with my bike of course.”


Chelsea is another great example of the growing number of young women riders. You can follow her on IG @tokyovenus.

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5 Comments for “Chelsea And Her Triumph Bonneville”

  1. Adam A. G. Shamblin says:

    That’s not a stock seat, is it? What is that?

  2. jsfury says:

    I am impressed with the seat cover.

  3. david says:

    A classy ride for a classy lady.

  4. Charles graham says:

    Hi Chelsea my name is Charlie. I met u a year ago at NCY. I was the guy befriending your dog. I was in a bad bike accident in Jan. I am still healing with multiple broken bones. I was wearing all my gear when I crashed. My leather pants saved me from losing my leg. Wear all your gear all the time. I hope you have been doing well. See you on the road when I am healed.