Designing the Apocalypse/MotoLady Chrome Bag

So, if you don’t know about Chrome Bags… you should. In fact, I’m sorry you’ve been missing out. They’re bags made for USING- to the fullest extent of the word. Waterproof, durable, made in America, and guaranteed for life. My first Chrome Bag experiences were back when I, and all my friends, were riding about on two wheels (sans motor). In Portland where it rains, and rains, and rains… a good bag is paramount. 

Same goes for motorcyclists. 

That being said, I’ve been bestowed with a great opportunity… Chrome is making a one-of-a-kind bag for the MotoLady End of the World Ride and Last Party on Earth! I stopped by this evening to work out the details. Amanda (the manager of the Portland Chrome store) was kind enough to offer me a PBR tall boy. Doin’ it with CLASS!


Amanda left me with the fantastic Lara, bag maker extraordinaire. My original plan was to have something screen printed on the front panel, but as per her suggestion, we’re going with a patch style creation. 


Lara’s awesome idea? Create a custom Mayan face patch for the main part of the bag. We did some googling and found this cool graphic for inspiration. 


Along with this awesome face patch idea, Amanda, Lara and I all decided on limited run waxed canvas material, along with the cordura and awesome heavy duty liner. Lara set it all up for me to we could see what we were talking about. 


Then they showed off their lifestyle modeling skills. So lifelike, so realistic. This is EXACTLY what they look like when they’re working. 


All I have to say is thanks to Amanda for hooking this up, and if you guys want a chance to win this awesome one of a kind waterproof apoca-bag… you better come to the End of the World Ride and the Last Party on Earth. (EOTWR website / facebook event).

No, you don’t have to ride to the party. Just come. 

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