Some extra information for the motorcycle question: The MT350 is a good motorcycle, but it was produced in limited numbers, and has a huge following. Not only is it an expensive bike, but parts are near unobtainable. Between the three, it’s comes down to the R71 or Speed Triple. The choice is based on one question: How comfortable are you working on a bike? All bikes are finicky at times, and older bikes more so. There’s a constant ever growing, ever changing list of repairs and procedures and problems. And they can be sadistic; typically choosing the point furthest from a garage or parts store to break down, and often the most expensive parts break repeatedly. Of course, it will run like a dream in front of a mechanic. If you’re not afraid to pick up a wrench a repair manual, and head into unknown motoring territory: Buy the BMW. If you’re not comfortable with the above: Buy the triple The Speed Triple is newer, meaning less work between rides. Both look cool, and both from my understanding, are incredible rides.

Thanks for the extra info and opinions- surely ‘Anonymous’ from this post will appreciate it. (I enjoyed reading it, as well.)

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