Hey Alicia, my name is Craig. How is the monster build going so far? I have a 08 hyper 1100s. I have been thinking of doing some small simple changes. What would you recomend?

Hi Craig!

The Monster Project is slow going, been waiting on a couple pieces of the puzzle to be finished before I move on to the full custom exhaust and such. 

As for your Hyper… it’s hard to say what you should do without more info. What kind of look do you like? How do you like to ride? What is your budget? As I’m sure you know, Ducati customization is not a cheap thrill. But often times it is very, very worth it. 

Are you looking for OEM parts? Or do you want to do full custom work? If that’s the case, I’d look for a builder in your area who’s work inspired you. I can always, always suggest Jeff Yarrington of Saint Motor Company (website) who is located in Maryland.

Otherwise, I’d look into a new seat (the hyper lowered seat is about $270 and looks really slick), rear view mirrors with built in turn signals, carbon this and carbon that. Personally I like the rear carbon hugger, and timing belt covers. And for a snazzy but still simple look, you can actually do a coat of matte clear on the carbon fiber… mo’ murda. 

I also really love the raised rider foot pegs. 

There’s always tons of things you can do like upgrade your shocks to Ohlins, Termignoni exhaust, Marchesini rims… the list goes on. But you’ve got all that since you started out with the S..uper version. 😉

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