Dainese Thorax Pro Lady Chest Protector


Every female motorcyclist needs to know about this ergonomic chest protector. Trauma to the chest is the leading cause of death (after head and spinal cord) in motorcycle accidents. Didn’t know that, didja? It comes to no surprise that sternal fractures, lung laceration, aortic rupture (among other injuries) can be seriously bad news for you. You’ve probably already got your helmet and back protector, so it’s now time to think about that ol’ ticker you got there!

Dainese Thorax Pro Lady has lateral rib protection plates in astromemory and an extruded polypropylene sandwich. Double jersey liner, perforated plates, and flexible side fabric.

Oh and guess what? It’s got boob room, so if you have a rack and don’t want it smashed, have a heart and want to protect it… this is the shit

And uh, yeah, I’ve got one.

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  1. Warc says:

    Hi MotoNani.

    I loved your review, and i want to question about if it´s possible to combine this Woman´s Thorax Chest Protector with a Dainese Jacket Wave pro. That body armor has the chest replacement option, so… my idea is to buy a small size “jacket wave pro” and this lady´s chest protector (Or the pro version, with the straps) and combine them, to transform the jacket wave pro in a “Girl´s designed Jacket wave pro”. Is it a good idea? Does the smallest size of the Dainese body armors fit well in a 1,65 mt tall girl? Thank you