DualSporty Riding Position


Riding position has been finalized on the DualSporty project for Caroline.

Burly Brand stiletto shocks raised the back end a considerable amount (it was lowered to begin with, after all), Burly Brand scrambler handlebars… combined with the Chainsikle low sets makes for a nice upright riding position. The MX pegs (also from Burly) are turned ever so slightly forward and give you good footing and control of the bike.

The 16” rear wheel will be replaced with a 18” and the white walls will be replaced with dual sport semi-knobby tires. The luggage rack on the tank will be a semi-permanent addition, and the rear one that sits above the seat will be complete optional and mount to the rear frame hoop.

The Honda 360 tank doesn’t look so bad now that’s it’s not bright orange with a chrome badge, eh? As for the paint scheme, you’ll have to wait for that reveal. It’s going to be very bright, I’ll say that much.

Make sure to visit the Burly Brand website and Chainsikle website as well.

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