Mystery Motorcycle Girl Emma from Russia

This is Emma, she’s a real motorcycling woman from Russia- though she often appears as a sort of moto-barbie.

You’ve probably seen photos of her riding around on sport bikes in heels and short skirts, shorts, costumes, etc. The above shot is the most circulated photo of them all, for sure. I’ve always wondered if she dresses up for photo ops around St. Petersburg, Russia, but otherwise gears up… and I found other photos that suggest that is the case.

Same girl, same helmet, same bike! But this time it looks like she’s wearing full gear.

This is what we’re used to seeing her look like…

…but I’d wager she usually gears up more like this.

Yep, there they are… motorcycle boots!

But who is this mystery girl and where the heck are these photos coming from? I’ve done my searching and can’t find anything besides the fact that her name is Emma and she lives in St. Petersburg.

Well, we may not know where to find her but we do know she loves her Icon helmets. Here are some more fun photos of the mystery motorcycle girl.

more real women who ride ☣

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