Female Stunt Rider Chesca Miles


Chesca Miles is a woman of many talents, to say the least. She’s a talented stunt rider, singer/songwriter, actress, and model based in London.

At just 23, she has quite the portfolio. Maya ‘Chesca’ Miles is releasing her first album soon, and in 2014 was involved in the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premier in London. Being able to do one handed wheelies in faux leather catsuit is certainly an attractive quality for photographers and filmmakers, as she can do all her stunts and look gorgeous at the same time! Her stunts aren’t limited to stoppies and wheelies, either… she says her favorite stuntto perform is drifting.


Like many people living in Europe, her first bike was small and adorable- a little Suzuki GN125. Perfect for throwing around! From her bio on the Chesca Miles official website

Motorsports to me is like air to your lungs. I have always loved every aspect of it from Go-karts to Formula 1 and mini motos to Moto GP! I had a mini moto and an Aprilia RS 125 at 13 of which I was going to race. I remember it all in white and ready to roll but found cracks in the frame which put my ideas at bay. It was ok though, as at 14 I started to work in a motorcycle training school and was around bikes everyday, so I was very happy.

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