“The Feminist Tone”

I’m sorry, excuse me? Feminism is defined as the advocacy for women’s rights to be equal to men. I don’t believe posting content about women riding is anything but a feminist tone and hell no I’m not going to change the way I operate my website because I offended your delicate sensibilities. 

I was going to ask for examples but I think based on the definition most people could define my whole website as feminist. The word feminist has a bunch if negative connotations and while I understand it’s because many women who speak for feminism do it loudly and without grace, but I do not subscribe to the propaganda surrounding the word.

What I find truly fascinating about this (anonymous) message is that you want me to show my love for motorcycles however you define it, not how I define it. Implying the people I feature and the things I comment with my posts do anything but. I assure you, the hours upon hours of work I put into this site is ONLY because of my pure love and joy for motorbikes. DON’T TELL ME HOW TO LOVE! hahahaha…

To each their own.

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