Dear Motolady, I’m a new rider. My husband (outta the blue) bought me a motorcycle in September. I’m loving my bike, but I don’t get to ride as much as I’d like, but when I peruse your site, I fall more in love with riding. Thank you. Sorry if this was sent twice.

Aw, wow! What an awesome gift to get out of the blue! You are a very lucky woman… give that man a high five for me!

Thank you for writing… I’m glad I can help stir up some of that motorcycling passion for you. One way to do it yourself is to ride more, though. 🙂 Go for a ride the way you feel comfortable… even if just around your neighborhood sometimes. When I first got my bike, I’d go for five mile jaunts after I got home for work since something longer was not an option. 

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