Full Faces Are Sexy!


David Frost, a photographer and motorcyclist living in Portland (Oregon), has created a new brand to promote and encourage riders to wear full face helmets- it’s called Full Faces Are Sexy.

David sent over some images from his recent photoshoot, which features the lovely blue eyed Miranda Keenan in a Bell Bullitt helmet laying on a bed of Garden Roses and Dahlias. To accompany the photos, David and I had a chat about him, the brand, and what he has in store.

Q. Introduce yourself- what’s your full name, where are you from, and where do you live now?

A. Howdy I’m Frosty also known as David Frost, I’m originally from Ventura, CA. I grew up in Southern Oregon and live in Portland now.

Q. What kind of bike do you ride?

A. I ride a ’02 Ducati 998 called MENTA.


Frosty with MENTA at the One Motorcycle Show 2013

Q. When did you start the Full Faces Are Sexy Brand? What inspired you to do so?

A. I started Full Faces Are Sexy with my friend Richard Jones who came up with the name and I started on the images. Together we came up with our first graphic and ran with it. The brand was introduced at my Rise Above: Survivor Stories photo show that hung in May at See See Motorcycles. The inspiration for the brand came from my own experiences on motorcycles and crashing wearing full face helmets. I thought to myself, I would never ride without a full face helmet after sliding down the highway at 85 miles an hour on my face. I feel like this brand speaks to everyone involved with riding, and encourages everyone (but especially new comers) in the community to be safe. You can still look good. In the past I have been turned off by the excessiveness of motorcycles as an accessory in ads and seeing people wearing no gear. I just don’t think it is the right message to send to people.

Q. Do you have any major goals with the brand? Where do you see it in a year… in five years?

A. I think as far as branding it is a small operation right now as I am doing pretty much everything on my own. In the next year I want to work on a Full Faces Are Sexy photo series and feature the prints as an art show. I would also like to do some promoting of the brand in some avenue of road racing and perhaps even be a sponsor. In five years hopefully everyone I know owns a full faced helmet and is wearing one of my shirts, haha.

Q. Have you had good response so far?

A. I have had an amazing response to the brand. Women especially seem to be attracted to it which is great. I think more women should ride!

Q. Any exciting shoots coming up?

A. I have a few exciting shoots coming up to follow up the “Roses” shoot. I don’t want to give away too much but there will be some oil and feathers involved.

Q. Do you have a message for motorcyclists?

A. Ride safe, ride sexy!



The Full Faces Are Sexy web-store features tank tops, t-shirts, and posters. In fact, my FFAS tank is one of my favorite tops!


Don’t forget to check out the Full Faces Are Sexy website!

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