Motorcycle USA: Glassholes

This article both cracked me up and concerned me for the safety of all motorists, not just motorcyclists. It’s bad enough when people are texting and driving, checking their stocks and/or putting on mascara all while eating a sloppy joe… but now they actually have stuff in their field of vision overlaying the road? Oh dear. As Motorcycle USA put it, these ‘Glassholes’ are a new road hazard… and they’re right.

Can’t help but laugh at the caption they added with this photo, “In this photo from Cecilia Abadie’s public Google+ profile you can see her selfie. Note that Google put the electronics on the right side of the glasses, which will make it harder for motorcyclists to tell whether the driver beside them is watching the road or Pornhub.”

This lady, Cecilia, actually received a ticket from a California Police officer for wearing the device while driving. 

Get more info on the using-google-glass-while-driving issue in the Motorcycle USA article here.

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