The 10-Year Hoodie

Sorry to bombard you with material posts today rather than beautiful imagery as you’re accustomed to… but wandering around the Kickstarter website I found this project. It’s called the ten year hoodie because it’s made to last a lifetime and they provide free mending for a decade. The creators touch on “planned obsolescence” in modern day manufacturing- something many of us motor heads loathe. New bikes and cars may have amazing advances in technology, but these advancements certainly don’t seem to be used to improve longevity. Same goes for our clothes.  So why am I posting it here? If you have to ask, you clearly don’t work on your own motorcycles. 


This is pretty much the perfect mechanic’s hoodie, as it’s super heavy duty, warm, has big pockets and hood, and has FREE REPAIRS. Anyway, the project doesn’t need your backing, it’s so good they’re well, well, well above their goal already. But I thought you guys might appreciate a heads up, so you can jump on the bandwagon before they go up in price after they’re first manufactured.

It’s $89 to get your own- five colors to choose from.

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