Gear update: Icon Reign Boots

I feel it necessary to update on how the boots are fairing. I’ve had them just over a month, worn them 8 billion times, and taken them “off roading”. Okay but seriously, I’ve probably worn them 70% of the last month, on and off the bike. Plus yesterday they were worn gallumphing through mud on a trip into the woods to shoot some big guns. They did wonderfully.

These are still the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, and one of the most protective. My Puma Desmo boots are nice too, but no where near as comfortable, not as good looking, and way more expensive. 

After reading Sean Smith’s post on Hell for Leather, “His and Hers: Boots made for walking” I have to post a formal disagreement. (He will just looove me for this, I’m sure. …Hi Sean!) He says that unfortunately the boots are not very waterproof (he does mention that he had a pre-production pair) but I’ve found that to just not be true. 

The photo above is actually of my boots AFTER they had been hosed down to get the mud off. I clearly didn’t do that great of a job (and the mud was very thick) but under torrential downpour from a spigot, the feet inside were kept toasty and dry. 

I also have chosen to take them puddle stomping as I tend to do, and besides a rooster tail of water shooting up into my crotch, I was as dry as the Sahara desert.

For $160 bucks I really can’t recommend these boots enough. Stay tuned for an update on how they do in an epic kung-fu battle, as Sean from HFL is in Portland right now and will undoubtedly challenge me to a Hipster-duel. 

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