Johammer Electric Motorcycle

Johammer Electric Motorcycle the J1

The new futuristic and ergonomic Johammer Electric motorcycle called the J1 is pretty cool.

The woman rider on the bubbly-future-looking electric motorbike featured on the Silodrome website definitely caught my eye! The Johammer Electric Motorcycle has a pretty impressive range of 125 miles (200km), uses center hub steering, and regenerative braking. (Regenerative braking is utilized in many electric cars these days, the engine basically assists in braking while also charging the battery. You can read more about it on How Stuff Works, and Tesla Motors.

Johammer Electric Motorcycle the J1

Nope, not cheap… the full model (12.7 kWh) with longer distance as mentioned above will be about $34,500 (25,000 euros).


More about the J1:

“The electric motor and controller are integrated into the rear wheel – no maintenance required. A very special advancement has been made in battery pack development. No other motorcycle manufacturer in the world is currently able to offer EV mobility with this level of technical features. The extremely torsion-resistant aluminium main frame accommodates the shock absorbers and battery pack. Perfect synergy in terms of weight, stability and function. Twin-arm box-section front fork with progressive suspension control to equalize nodding when braking. Single-arm cast aluminium rear fork with progressive suspension control.

The ideal centre of gravity (350 mm) offers a secure feeling and very comfortable ride. The position of the handlebar and footrests are adjustable. All dash displays are integrated into each of the round rear-view mirrors. High resolution 2.4″ colour screens provide information relating to speed, revs, warnings etc. at-a-glance.” (Johammer)


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