Keidra On Her MotoGuzzi Stone


This lovely lass is the 26 year young Keidra Baldwin.

Born in Georgia, she moved to Austin, Texas, about five years ago. A couple years later she picked up a little Buddy 125 scooter to putt around on- but eventually the two wheel bug grew and she wanted a motorcycle. Keidra has been riding her 2014 MotoGuzzi V7 stone for about 10 months now, diving head first into the motorcycle community. She and her good friend Stephanie organized the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Austin this year, for instance… continuing on to be one of the organizers for the ATX Mods VS Rockers events.


Pro photographer Dalton Campbell captured these stunning sunset images for Cafe Racers of Instagram (CROIG).



Visit the photographers website at and follow Keidra’s blog at!

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