Hey there! I really enjoy your blog. I am a fellow female Portlander and recently bought a bike (a beautiful ’76 Honda CB500T!). I was wondering if you knew any female mechanics out there that you could recommend. I was hoping to find a motorcycle mama to take care of my baby. I thought you’d be in the know. Thanks for all the great pics. Ride safe, Sam

First, I want to just giggle at “fellow female” because it is amusingly oxymoronic. And yet it totally makes sense!

And secondly, CONGRATULATIONS! I resist typing an excessive amount of exclamation points but it’s worth a few more… !!!!! !! !

Is it the orange ‘76 CB that Thor from See See Cycles was selling? If so, I am j-j-j-jealous! Or maybe that was a ‘77… Anywho, that is a RAD bike and you will have so much fun on it, I am sure.

I actually don’t know any female moto mechanics in Portland, but maybe my readers can help me out with this…? Holla…! I am always down to assist in wrenching, although yes my knowledge is limited. 

Rubber down, sister.

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