Long Beach International Motorcycle Show 2015


Let’s just start off by saying I was a little excited about the Ducati Scrambler, though yellow is clearly not my color. The Icon1000 Elsinore boots do match, though. I know it’s been a few weeks since the 2015 Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach (it was the November 13th weekend) but I wanted to share some of the photos I got anyway. We’re going to go through some of my favorite parts of the Long Beach show, then carry on to some photo galleries, mk?

One of my favorite things about big motorcycle events like this is connecting with people I’ve interacted with online over the years, like Jacqui Van Ham! She’s been traveling around with the IMS shows for Victory Motorcycles as an emcee. Jacqui was one of the first women I featured on the MotoLady blog, years ago now!


Next up we have the new Touratech carbon helmets that ring in at about $650 apiece, and transform from a visorless street-style full face helmet to an adventure motorcycling/dirt riding helmet in a matter of minutes without any tools.


Touratech also recently released their off road suspension systems which are very impressive.


The sidecar booth was fascinating! First the 1960 BMW R69…


…then the adventure BMW complete with gas storage under the sidecar passenger seat.


Yes, it has it’s own pump.


The Antique Motorcycle Club of America booth right next door had some beauties on display, too.


And just because oh my god it’s so awesome, the Honda Gromwing! Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Goldwing, Honda painted up the little Grom to match.


Or maybe it’s just that I have a special place in my heart for minibikes.


Back at Victory Motorcycles, actor R. Lee Ermey (most known as the Drill Seargent in Full Metal Jacket) was hanging out signing autographs and taking pictures- I had to get in there with Wolfy.


Seeing the Kawasaki H2R in person was interesting- the black chrome is definitely cool, but I’m not sure I’d want it on my bike. Every fingerprint shows up so vividly- which is probably why they had it behind a rope. That and they were worried someone might fire it up and just take off into outerspace.


All in all though, the new H2 and H2R are very, very cool modern sport bikes.


Triumph had a ton of awesome bikes on display, like this beautiful flat tracker.


Or the carbon fiber Triumph from British Customs with hand painted “Triumphant” logo by Jen Hallett.


The J&P Cycles Ultimate Builder Competition Bike Show was displayed throughout the exhibition hall at the Long Beach Convention Center.


Awesome Honda Custom in the J&P Bike Show

Now THAT is DualSporty! Dang!

Some more highlights from the show-

And last but not least, the Jason Britton NO LIMIT stunt riding team show just after sundown.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour of the Long Beach IMS show! If you’d like another perspective, check out my post for Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys!

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  1. lilhoss says:

    I fell in love with the Ducati Scrambler at the show when it was in Seattle. Want!