Vehicles of Mad Max: Fury Road

The Mad Max trilogy, created by George Miller, captured the hearts of millions of people through the 30 or so years since is was made. In a post apocalyptic world of barron wasteland, Mad Max roams the roads in search of justice and juice. Fuel, that is. In 2015, a new Mad Max movie (from the original creator) will blast back into the limelight… 19 years after the third movie, “Beyond Thunderdome.”


The new movie seems to capture much of the original Mad Max mystique- tattered and elaborate fashions of the world’s end appearing in many forms. Masks, headdresses, deconstructed armor, leather, leather, and more leather. Explosions of epic proportions, crashes all of all types, super angry scary looking villains. The trailer is pretty fantastic…

They even brought back Hugh Keays-Byrne to play the ‘Toecutter’!


Would the Mad Max movies have been as good if they were a high budget production, though? Part of the allure is the vast barron wasteland, very small amount of people, a true depiction of desolate life after the world as we know it comes to an end.


I mean, pretty much everyone loves a good explosion though, am I right? While many would expect much stronger reactions to another movie being released, the reactions of the world wide web are amazingly positive.

I for one would like to know where Max found another Interceptor, though… since the other one was completely obliterated in the second movie. Perhaps they answer this burning question in the film? One can only hope. During the press event announcing the making of the new movie in Australia, the new Interceptor was on display for onlookers to oggle. Director George Miller elaborated, ”all the vehicles are kind of hybrid, cobbled together, from the wrecks of the past”


Some benefits of a high budget Hollywood movie with top notch special effects. There are more custom cars, motorcycles, tanks… the stuff in this film looks absolutely rad. Filmed in Namibia this time, rather than the Australian outback.


I mean look at this super stretched swing arm havin’ motorbike cruising next to the huge collection of wtf-mobiles. Like the double-stacked monster-truckcar late 50’s Cadillacs in front… amazing.


I think it might be my dream car. Yeah, you heard me. Two superchargers, four turbos, over 800 hp. Known as ‘Gigahorse’ it is literally huge, and said to be the hero vehicle in the movie. We’ll see.



Never have I been so excited to see old cars chopped up into almost unrecognizable apocalypse-mobiles.

I’m sure you’re wondering… okay yes, cars, cool… but what about the bikes? Well it appears that the main man, Tom Hardy, playing Max, rides one for at least some of the movie.



Plus it appears that many antagonist characters terrorize on two wheels…


…and often meet a grizzly fate.


Regardless of our hypotheses on the goodness or badness of this movie, I think we can all agree the visuals appear to be quite breathtaking.


I rarely care to see movies in theatre but this one, oh this one is different.

Watch the trailer-

I leave you with this. Sometimes you gotta get your message across with some skulls.


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2 Comments for “Vehicles of Mad Max: Fury Road”

  1. J Lewis says:

    To any real Mad Max fans ask yourself, why is the interceptor even in this movie at all? It appears that film makers today don’t even care about art anymore. Another example of how they ruin a good story by creating a new film just to make money, its the same thing they did to the story of The Terminator when the 3rd one was released. I don’t know why people accept this crap from the film industry today? The problem is that when they do this they sacrifice all the integrity of the story just to ram a pile of special effects down the throats of the kids of today & in doing so they are ripping off the younger ones of good quality art & films, I will never watch this film. Thanks for nothing George Miller you just ruined the story of Mad Max. I suspect if Byron Kennedy who originally wrote the story of Mad Max was alive this film would never have been made.