Learnin’ Tools & Makin’ Stuff

So now that I’m at Cerberus, a real shop with real tools, I’m learning the in’s and out’s of each machine’s purpose, building techniques etc. the best way I know how… by making stuff! When I was a kid, I did crafts constantly. Between my early affinity for MacGyver and my family all being proponents of art projects and encouraging general creativity, I’d always be making something out of something. Whether is be mud pies, drawing horses underneath my mom’s kitchen table (it took her years to notice), or building paper mâché penguins… I really liked creating stuff

Coincidentally, I still do.

What am I making? Follow along and you’ll see. First I measured and cut the metal. 

Then I sanded down the edges to make them perfectly square and straight. 

After making the edges straight, I rounded them out (and the corners) to take away the pokey/cut you effect. 

Then gave ‘em a lil buff to make it silky smooooth.

Smoothed the surfaces out real quickly.

Polished the middle area for applying my sticker. 


Peel off the transfer… check out that mirror finish!

Went at the surface in the bead blast cabinet…

BA-BAM! Etching effect.

Other side racing stripe mirror effect commencing. 

Check that out, I can check my makeup in the finish.

And there’s the front of the finished sketchbook cover… SCHWING. Nothing better than a practically indestructible sketchbook for keeping at the shop. It’s my parts/bike design/idea book so it’s nice that it’s reinforced.  

Well, that was fun! And now I know some new tips and tricks. 

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