Mandy Brander of We Want Adventure

Mandy Brander is a 27 year old photographer from the Netherlands. She and her man Pieter have a very cool travel website called “We Want Adventure” featuring her breathtaking photos from their trips. This year she piloted a BMW 650GS (love that bike) from the Netherlands to Mongolia in three months- crossing 16 countries and covering 8,700 miles (14,000 km) with her boyfriend riding a Honda Africa Twin adventure motorcycle.

“Some people thought it was not possible, because I’m a small girl (and kind of girly looking). But I would like to tell women to do it, it is such an amazing experience just to live basic, drive and be part of the amazing nature. Mext dream is to ride a Royal Enfiel in Nepal/India!”



Mandy riding her BMW through a water crossing in Mongolia.



Thanks for the submission, Mandy! Make sure y’all check out their website, for more gorgeous photos from their adventures.

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