Monster Project: I Like Goooold!


Got my wheels back all painted today thanks to Aaron Walker. Bearings, kush drive rubbers, and tires… and the Monster Project will enter roller phase! These things are much like my tank, it’s hard to enjoy their true glory without seeing them in person. Check out the close ups to see the prism flake that matches my tank! YEEHAW! SPARKLES!


Bright gold, a color similar to Marchesini wheels (as a hat tip to modern Ducati wheels) with prism flake sprayed over, then clear coated.


If you’re in Portland and want paint done, talk to Aaron Walker. He does all the paint for MotoCorsa projects, and he’s very good (and timely).


I had previously planned to have them powder coated but after discussing with friends and doing a bit of research, I decided the color would be much more vibrant with paint. So, when Aaron picked my wheels up, they were already chemically stripped.


I couldn’t be happier with my decision.


Now… on to getting my tires mounted!

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