Monster Project: Teardown

As it turns out, I forgot to post a Monster Project update of the… dun dun dunnnn teardown.

No lift, no prop, no stands. A Ducati Monster, 5 people… 90 minutes.

We all got to clippin, screwin’, and removin’. I got out ziplock bags, painters tape, and a sharpie… and got ready to take good notes.

Joel and Justin, above, start removing the back light… situation.

I luckily had Hannah Johnson (the worlds only female Ducati Master Technician) and Kevin Lake (about to be the world’s youngest Ducati Master Tech) on the scene to help me. Saved countless hours and questions.

It started slow at first, but quickly the bike began to disappear…

Above, you can see the red heat lamp pointed at poor Miami-migrant Hannah’s head to keep her warm-ish.

It was soon time to take out the engine. We moved a milk crate beneath it, put Justin and Joel on holding the frame, and Hannah, Kevin and I on the engine. We went from what looked basically like a full bike to…

…a frame with a front end and an engine in a milk crate. Hannah looks exhausted.

hannah johnson motolady ducati monster project

But not too exhausted to have a seat on the super-chopper-looking Monster frame!

Hannah and I gott to removing the front forks (something I’ve done at least 10 times now) to finish it up. Soon after, I have my pile-o-bike, as you can see below.

Big thanks to Hannah Johnson, Kevin Lake, Justin Sullivan, and Joel Crawford.

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