Monster Project: Explosion Aftermath


Two gnarly bruises and a gimpy right hand… my wheels did not escape the exploding tire fiasco unscathed. However, I got off lucky.

After having time to think about it and inspect my bruises and the damage on the wheel, it’s apparent that the hose whipped around and slapped my in the wrist before slamming into the rim, then whacking my left arm and leg on the way to the ground. I’ve got three nasty bruises, the other is on my hip/thigh.


My wrist and hand are much less bruised today than they were immediately after le incident.


My wheel got a nasty gash in the paint- however it’s almost all on the inside of the rim where tires sit.


Seeing the scrape is damn difficult once tires are on. Aaron Walker stopped by to see how much damage I did to his beautiful new paint job- we’ll give it a tiny touch up just for the sake of [attempted] perfection, but it’s pretty much fine. YAY for awesome quality work, thank you Aaron for doing such a great job on these and baking them forever so they’re super durable!


I came in to work today and AJ had found me a pair of nice, reliable used tires. Kevin volunteered to mount them for me… I can’t tell you how warm and fuzzy this made me feel.

So now, I’ve got my wheels all set! Just need to put bearings and rubber bits into place and I’ll start one-arm-building.


The hugest thanks to AJ Ralston, Kevin Lake, and Arun Sharma for the tires, mounting, and the space to get such things done. <3

Oh and yes, I have to wear a stupid brace.

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