Monster Project: Tire Explosion


So, I was mounting my Monster tires today (under the supervision of a Ducati Master tech, mind you) to my fancy-ass newly painted gold sparkly wheels… and the tire exploded. I ended up taking a trip to the hospital. Whole story? Read on…

It started with AJ showing me where to put the valve stem, ‘cause I’m a total newb and think everything must be more complex (or on that same note, more easy) than it really is.


Then Kevin (youngest Ducati Master tech in the world!) came and helped wrench it down into place since AJ had arm surgery recently. Kevin’s pay for his trouble was a sweet wedgie. You’re welcome!


Valve stem in place, we are ready to mount some tires.


Now, before you question these used and pretty worn tires- I wasn’t planning on riding on them. They were just so I could get my bike into a rolling chassis. They were less than two years old and hadn’t been stored for an extremely long amount of time… they were just a friend’s take-offs. Anyway, I got them lubed up and then we put them on the tire mountin’ machine.


Under AJ’s supervision (thank you!), I got the new tires on pretty quickly.


Next step, I pound out some lumpiness to seed it a lil better and then fill it with air- AJ tells me, “You’ll hear a thump, that’s it setting into the bead. It’ll do it twice.” first one goes, and I’m all… “Yay!” Then I see the other side moving into place… I literally say, “Oh, I can see it going!” and then BOOM! Fuckin’ gunshot status followed by my rim going CLANK onto the cement because I immediately let go and stepped back.

My wrist hurt super bad. At this point, everyone floods to the area… I get asked, “Do you want to go to the hospital?” My ears are ringing and I was afraid to look at my arm… and then I did, and it was fairly black less than 20 seconds after the fact. I said, “I think I need to go to the hospital.”

So, off Hannah and I went. I was admitted pretty quickly. This is what my wrist looked like.


And then around a half hour later..

Oh yeah, I was suuuper stoked to be at the hospital. Not so much. Though Hannah kept me entertained. I think she was trying to keep me from SNAPPING. The first thing I did was ask how my wheel was- if it needed to be painted again. Then I started bawling in the car about it.


Aaaaaaaaaand here’s what happened to the tire. AJ said, “Dude. I can’t even cut those with a hacksaw.” and there they are.

Freak accident, I guess. I got lucky it wasn’t worse. Pretty sure my wrist was impacted by the metal end of the air hose.


I’ll post the x-ray (no broken bones!) and sweet splint action later. I’m going to go ice my wrist. This post took waaaaaay too long.

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  1. Motosmith363 says:

    For your info dot code on that tire is 2010 which means its almost 12 years old. Hope you feel better.