MotoLady Giveaway Winners

I got quite a few responses for the MotoLady t-shirt end of year/Christmas giveaway. They were all great, and a few really stood out to me for different reasons. I was only going to give away one shirt, but I couldn’t narrow it down so I’ve decided to award three instead. The winning answers are below with the other (still very excellent) answers following. 

• Tim Pellett: My dad discovered and loved your web site within the last year. He was always sharing the photos you posted. He was a photographer himself and his most recent interest were women motorcyclists. He has a special interest in the older B/W photos. He mentioned he had been in contact with you, submitting his own photos. My dad recently passed away and seeing your Moto Lady FB postings reminds me of him and his interests and hobbies. Thank you. He would probably share several photos a week with me and his friends. He was also had a unique sense of humor and wrote short stories and poems. So when he shared your photos, he would always include some humor into it, as to what the person may have been saying, thinking, or where she have may been going. He enjoyed making other people happy through comedy.

• Kelsie N Baddass: I took the basic rider course as a birthday present to myself! Soon after I bought my first bike, a 1975 CB750, which I am slowly but surely learning to work on! I am a teen librarian and two other ladies at my library started riding this year. We’ve been having all sorts of adventures out on the road and I look forward to many more in the coming year! P.s. I really want to win this shirt so I can wear it to work and encourage all my teen girl patrons to take up riding someday! 🙂

• Voni Glaves: No question, my motolady moment of the year was meeting Ardys to tie for our one millionth sMile. Thanks, Mike and Moto Lady!

Runners Up:

• Tim Tebbe: My dear friend motolady finally getting her official motolady ink. I was so proud 🙂 happy holidays to you and yours dear.

• Emily Keene: In 2011 I bought my first motorcycle. I was born to ride. I’m a real live motolady.

• LM Larson: This year, my uncle and I finally started fixing up the 65 Superhawk for me to ride. I didn’t realized how much I would like getting my hands dirty while working on a bike.

• Mike Davis: Send a red one to Voni Glaves in celeibration of a million sMiles. Or my daughter who’s favorite question is, “Where are we riding today?”

• Gaylene Grossen: Just ONE? Ooooo, I must skip over my Monster purchase and say my most memorable MOTOLADIES event of 2011 was the Ladies of Harley (LOH) ride up to Wenatchee, WA in July. Fourteen of us had a great trip smack dab in the middle of cherry season. The orchards were so beautiful and prolific, I could see from the road all the bright red cherries hanging on the trees. GORGEOUS!

• William Schaefer: Can I just support Emily Keene’s post? I bought my first motorcycle too, but am but a MotoLad.

• Dan Knopp: A whole hour of non-productive time spent going back to the beginning through all the MotoLady posts that I won’t get back, but it was worth it. It was time well wasted.

• Adrienne McClery: In 2011, I learned to ride in April, bought a 2011 Nightster the same day I passed the class. Within 2 weeks of getting the bike, rode from Denver to South Dakota and back. Then rode to Montana and back. I have since put 10k miles on her from April through August and became LOH officer of my chapter. 2011 has been an eventful moto year for this lady.

• Christina Vestergaard: It’s really hard choosing one thing because so many motolady-related things happened to me in 2011. I got my licence and I bought my first bike (Suzuki GS 500) but the most memorable thing is not one particular thing though. It’s all the time I’ve spent with my dad and our bikes. He helped me buy my first bike, taught me how to wash, polish and take care of it, and he showed me all the amazing roads close to our home. He taught me how to be more comfortable on my bike, and he took me to meetups and shops to meet others with the same passion for riding. Sharing the love for riding with my dad is amazing, and I know he loves it as well even though he never thought any of his daughters would start loving motorcycles.

• Tim Trammell: I was able to give 2 different lady’s their fist ride, and now they are both riding their own bike!!!!!!!!

• Clare Norton: I have ridden for Years…I have had many different Bikes and loved all of them for their personalities, my friends have different choices but there’s no snobbery – it’s shared passion. It brings young and old together without having to say anything – it’s a knowing nod when your passing another bike on the road. Every safe return is a Motolady moment.

• Saptarshi Ghosh: This is not for the tee- Not being able to ride so sucks and makes me feel so not alive. I had given up watching/reading anything related to motorcycles. But I found Motolady via FB sometime in 2011 and catching up on the updates once in a while makes my existence a little more bearable. Compliments of the season to everyone, especially all motorcyclists. RiDe hard, RiDe safe. 🙂

• Geoff Kemp: My wife was my motorcycle instructor back in 1976/77. She still rides when she can. She has an SV650 and as she’s so short it has the fork tubes lowered, seat cut out & lowering kit attached. It’s like riding a 650 moped!

• Ashley Benson: This year I got a job working at one of the biggest online motorcycle parts and apparel retailers in the marketing department. I’d never been around motorcycles and never saw myself on one. Now I’m completely addicted. It pushed me to learn new things like taking the Rider’s Edge course and getting my license as well as teaching myself how to rebuild and rejet a carb, bleed brakes and so much more. My new years resolution: buy a beater bike and completely rebuild it. I came across your blog while searching for content for the site. You’ve continued to add to my motorcycle inspiration daily. Thanks a ton 🙂

• Chris (Dickula): 2011 saw my first real ride on a motorbike – on the back of my friend’s Triumph Bonneville! She’s a great friend and a great rider, and after begging her for rides every summer morning and night I have bought my own bike and am well on my way. There’s a photo of her on my page, shining up her Bonnie 🙂

Thank you all so much for participating- it makes me so happy to hear that motolady and motoladies have left such marks in your life. Ride on! 

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