The Bias of the NYC SUV Road Rage Incident… AGAIN

Guys, this is what I’m talking about. Nothing about the NYC incident where the Range Rover gets surrounded after a traffic collision then runs over a rider and three motorcycles was okay. Nothing. But what is absolutely abhorrent is the fact that nearly every “big media” news article I read about it said the rider who got ran over had a “broken leg”. Only one I saw alluded to more injuries. 

That rider is in a coma, on a breathing machine because his lungs were crushed. I just want to remind everyone that there is a person under the helmet. No one deserved anything they got in this situation- I am still appalled by some of the responses on different platforms about how they “got what was coming to them” and in some cases that they should have been left even worse off. 


A friend of mine were discussing the video and he said, “The motorcycling community has to look long and hard at this situation and themselves why anyone looking to get into motorcycles actually would.”

It’s scary to say but a true fact- I can’t believe the amount of prejudicial remarks I hear coming from people who themselves ride, putting their lives on the line every day. “Well, those ______ fuckers should wear gear, stop riding on sidewalks and passing cars on both sides.” I read someone say (paraphrased). How dare you! How many times have you read about cage rage causing an incident that left a bike broken, and sometimes a rider damaged (maybe even paralyzed for life like Richard Fletcher in Oakland, CA). I’ve even written about my experiences and lessons learned, like the close call I had on the Bull Run ride with a big ass truck.

Let me just reiterate, this is where jay Meezee is right now

The post yesterday about the Range Rover VS NYC Motorcyclist incident yesterday wasn’t to place all the blame on any one party- in fact quite the opposite. If you call yourself a motorcyclist, you better pull your heads out of your asses and realize that you have to be extra impartial to all participants on the road simply because of your vulnerability. Maybe one day someone will do the same for you when a car tries to run you off the road, like I’ve heard and seen happen countless times. 

And shame, shame on all of the big news companies (New York Times, USA Today, ABC, NBC and more) who so conveniently left out the extent of Jay’s injuries. There is a great disparity between the stories, and it sickens me for every motorcyclist in the world.

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