Octane Bike Night in Atlanta


Octane Bike Night, Friday Nov 14th from 7-11p at Octane Coffee in Atlanta, Georgia.

The event was backed by Triumph North America, as their headquarters are just up the road from the cafe.  Sam Bendall, PR Manager, and Jess Giesen, Marketing Manager from Triumph N.A. partnered up with my buddy Steve West of Silver Piston to make this happen. Over thirty motorcycles rode in the freezing temperatures, and sixty plus people came through to see the custom bikes and photography from Yve Assad and David Browning (E3 Motorcycles).



All that talent, combined with support from Dime City Cycles, made for a pretty cool evening. Wish I wasn’t so far away!


There were a mix of vintage, custom, and new Triumphs including the Lahalih-Wood tracker designed by Sarah Lahalih.


Steve West and his daughter

Steve West and his daughter

They’re doing it again on December 19th- don’t miss it! Follow the Silver Piston facebook page for updates.

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3 Comments for “Octane Bike Night in Atlanta”

  1. Cookie says:

    Wow, what’s the story behind that first bike with the lady and the gold lid, looks damn interesting!?

    • Andrew says:

      Hi Cookie,

      That’s my brave girlfriend Courtney riding my death trap. It’s a 1984 Honda Elite 150 scooter that has been very… customized. BMX bike stem with clubman bars, CH250 carb, Suzuki dirtbike gas tank, water cooled, dual handbrakes conversion, vintage minibike muffler… Courtney is my hero for riding the hell out of it and doing my hooligan machine justice!