Darius Glover: Paralyzed MotoCross Racer

We’ve all been told or experienced ourselves just how dangeous it is to ride a motorcycle. If you were in a major accident, would you ride again? What if you couldn’t use your legs?

At 15 years old, Darius Glover heard the doctors tell him, “you’ll never walk again and you’ll never ride again.” Regardless of losing the use of his legs from a motorcycle accident, he rides motocross again. He looked at that doctor and said, “you’re wrong.” If that doc doubted him, wow how wrong he was. 

Darius went on to qualify for Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Motocross Championships in Florida- he traveled hundreds of miles and was turned down because of his “disability”. 

Despite being told what he can and cannot do, it seems his will grows stronger with every negative word. 

Take a moment to watch the “Whatever it Takes” youtube video– you’ll be inspired, no doubt. Passion and happiness are contagious, as is determination. No excuses, no whining… just ride. 

I for one would like to thank Darius for sharing his awesome story, and for not listening to those jerks who told him he wouldn’t ride again. You’re an inspiration to everyone, man!

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