Monster Project: Phase 2

Last night was the first time I really explored the Monster in full. I’d inspected it pretty well, but it was time to get dirty. Drained the fluids and took some photos of the damage. Ch-ch-check it out:

Removed the gas tank… (much more behind the cut)

…drained the fuel that has been sitting for about a year and a half. Then went on to changing the oil and oil filter. Oh my goodness, what a mess…

It appears that the previous owner(s) may never have changed either.

Apparently I didn’t get out all the old oil, which is obvious by horrendous black you see mixing with the blue. I also seem to have over filled it, judging by the level not even being visible. My co-worker Marc said that it’s probably because of the oil cooler. After I noticed the two mixing together a bit I pulled the drain and let all the old sh*t come out, along with a large amount of precious performance oil!

Next, I started on switching out the gas cap so the ignition and tank key matched.

Can’t get the damn thing off without the key… seems silly that you can remove the ignition but not the gas cap. When all else fails… break it. Or try. It is at this point that I text messaged the Master Technician at MotoCorsa (my work) and asked if he could get it off for me the next day. (It took him 3 seconds to pick the lock, glad I gave up… for once.)

And now, a glimpse at the damages…

This is the worst of the damage. As you can see, the outer edge of the frame right there is a little warped. A frame slider was “grabbed” by the grill of a car and ripped off/out. The actual frame structure is not bent, however. Just need new sliders.

Planning to sand down and paint the crank case cover, and then having a new cover for unique visuals (and protection) fabricated.

After that, custom exhaust…

Overall it doesn’t seem like a whole lot to do, and I’m going to be working on it every second I get. Last night I didn’t get to try to fire her up because the fuel drainage took a decent amount of time, and I had to sleep before work today. But hopefully tonight, I’ll cross that bridge. Wish me luck.

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