Portland: Bridge City Cycles

I know I’ve mentioned Bridge City Cycles before, like in my MotoLady sticker post for example. Now I want to give you a glimpse at their very cool shop! I really dig the place.

The entrance is always equipped for running your motorcycle in, door open. It’s very inviting for the vintage-or-slightly-older-bike crowd. 😉

Anthony has a very cool old school truck adorned with BCC decals. 

More representation, another vehicle. 

Inside the old Portland building, you find motorcycles around ever corner as you make your way up the stairs to their shop. They use a cool old freight elevator for moving bikes to the second floor. Every time I’ve been to their shop, it’s been pretty packed.

I love the old windows in this building. Old, old glass.

Stop in and meet the crew sometime. They’re a really helpful group of folks.

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