Road trip to the One Motorcycle Show 2014 Pt 1

Road trip to the One Motorcycle Show 2014 (Part One?) – “We’re Not In SoCal Anymore!”

Loaded the Monster into my (super ridiculously tall) Tacoma yesterday morning and headed out to San Francisco to meet Jensen Beeler of Asphalt & Rubber for the next leg of the trip.

Before you even start- no, hell no I’m not riding it there. There needs to be no other reason besides the safety of it- I have no want to drive through snow and sleet for the tail end of 1300 miles. I’d prefer Pandora and I get there in one piece.

Anyway, I managed to miss all the LA traffic and blasted from San Diego to SF in about 7 hours. Crashed out a few hours later, got myself going around 9. We unloaded Pandora from my truck (always a feat) and put her up in Jensen’s trailer. Multiple messages from friends and instagrammers warning me about the weather in Portland which has turned from blah to pretty terrible.

The weather through Grant’s Pass is always sketchy for this trip, and dead of winter is not the choice time to go. There’s a winter storm warning there now, snow in Corvallis, Eugene, and now Portland. It’s 23 degrees there today, heavy winds and snowfall.

Oh joy. I wonder why I moved to SoCal? The Monster is getting gross from road grime, which will happen eventually but still hurts to see.


Anyway, here goes nothing. Driving through Oregon is going to be sketchy. (Drivers in the Pacific Northwest aren’t known for their snow driving skills.)

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