“Princess” Bosozoku Biker Girl


The Japanese motorcycle culture has been gaining speed (pun intended) over the years, and photographs of the riders interesting fashions and vibrant bikes have become increasingly popular on social media repost sites like tumblr. Unfortunately because their blogs are usually in Japanese, it’s incredibly hard for me to find the real source of the images. That being said, this one was just too good not to share.

I personally adore the elaborate paintjobs, huge king and queen seats, long sissy bars and extravagant build styles. If you want to know more about the Bosozoku culture and women riders, check out the past post featuring a short documentary style video about their way of life and history- Women Biker Gangs of Japan: Bosozoku Girls.

If anyone knows who this awesome mystery princess Bosozoku biker girl is, let me know through the contact page!

source: Private Runner blog | related: more from Japan

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4 Comments for ““Princess” Bosozoku Biker Girl”

  1. Paolo says:

    That is one of the most interesting of Japan’s biker subcultures, hands down.

  2. Frederick Tyler says:

    Very nice, the bike is nice too.

  3. SoyBoySigh says:

    MY question, is who’s making all of these beautiful seat covers? I’d seriously buy a couple of seats like that, if I could FIND ’em! Does anybody know? I think my lil’ GRRRL would dig it if I put a seat like that on her “KZ440LOL” maybe even the “CB900K0 Bol Bomber” or the next DOHC-4 build, the “Featherweight” version that comes afterwards (a 750 which is already a formidable collection of upgrade parts, just needing a good donor bike to make it complete) I’d probably pop ’em on and off of the bike, only use ’em when I’m hauling a passenger let’s say – but they’d get used they’d definitely see some mileage here….

  4. SoyBoySigh says:

    I’m in love. With the bike, number one. It’s really cool how their youth-oriented subculture seems to have rooted out most of the older dudes and the net result is that just about all of these bikes are in the 400cc category, the introductory license class for Japanese riders. Well that in itself has resurrected or at least invigorated, interest in the “small” bikes of the ’80s – which is awesome. Seems to be a huge emphasis on bikes of 1980 through 1985 extraction, and I’ve gotta wonder whether that has something to do with the age of these kids’ PARENTS, that perhaps these are their DADS’ bikes which they’ve fixed up or perhaps their father fixed up for them. Maybe if I’d got the “KZ440LOL” done on schedule, if that house-fire hadn’t ruined it back in 2013, then IT could be considered a North American Bosozoku project? Lard knows, her gang of scooter jockeys, who rolled with her when she was 14, would qualify as a tough gang of biker chicks by anybody’s standards. Truly though, what a cool bunch of machines – and they’re all sitting out there in garages under dust-covers just waiting for somebody to take an interest in ’em – Perhaps the “STARBUCKS Racer” builders, as I like to call ’em – with the mix-&-match “upgrades” from ’90s Crotch-Rocket bikes, (yanno what I mean – the USD forks & the 17″ mag wheels with tires far too fat and heavy for the bike in question, all of the CNC routed day-glow anodized billet shillet bristling all over the bike like X-mas tree ornaments?) perhaps THESE will qualify as a North American version of this style – Which is too bad, ’cause over here everybody seems to be getting RID of the COMSTAR wheels, TRAC & other anti-dive forks, & other unique elements of ’80s tech & style, which seem so central to the whole Japanese aesthetic…..