The Road Rash Queen

Brittany Morrow is a moto lady who was ripped off the bike by heavy wind while riding pillion on the back of a sport bike. When people argue with me about the importance of gear, I quote instances like this. 

55 percent body coverage of third degree burns, severed tendons in my left pinky finger, a severely dislocated right big toe, and a large amount of blood loss; what really slowed the healing process was what I experienced in the hospital. Indirect results of the accident due to a prolonged hospital stay: pneumonia, urinary tract infection, pseudomonas infection, blood infection, a blood clot in my left leg, yeast infections, anemia, 3 blood transfusions with 1 adverse reaction, 8 surgeries, 31 conscious sedations, countless skin debreedments, and undiagnosed PTSD and depression. (Read the whole story on Rock The Gear)

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