One of the cooler submissions I’ve received in a long time… I was spotted on the freeway blasting around on Pandora! How cool! 

AHHH: I live in Washington, DC, and I have been following the Monster project and your blog for years now. I’ve been staying in San Diego for the past week, and today, I was driving my brother’s car [NOT MY SCRAMBLER 🙁 ] on 5N. In my mirror, I saw a bike coming up. I see that the handlebars and the front light are RAD, and even before it catches me, I’m out loud cheering “Go! Go!” cause it’s a wide, long, beautiful turn and the rider is GOING. And as the bike pulls level, I think, quick, “holy shit! it’s a lady!”, and then it passes, and I see the seat and the tank and it’s Pandora, and I’m screaming out loud in the car!! Damn, girl. You’re like my patron saint of lady riders. And you passed me today. And I love it.

Thanks Sarah for the awesome note, wish I could have heard your shrieking excitement! haha. 

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