Silver Piston Shoot with Bobby Do Right


A while back photographer Bobby Do Right came by the compound to do some photos for the new Silver Piston website.

Bobby lives in Ventura, doing commercial photography around SoCal for a variety of companies. He and Steve West, the maker behind Silver Piston jewelry, have known each other and been friends for some time now. So despite Steve being in Atlanta, they work together on a regular basis. Steve and I have been working together for a while now as well- he makes the MotoLady Road Saint ring, as well as the Indian Head Penny ring that are in the shop.

We first “met” a couple years ago when Steve sent me an email about the ring he had created called the MotoLady cocktail ring- a thick hammered band of silver with a semi precious gem attached. He now offers a wide variety of awesome products including heavy duty rings with ‘hobo nickel’ style engraved coins, key fobs, lanyards, necklaces… the list goes on. He also withs with Roland Sands Design, E3 Supply, and many other notables.

My love of motorcycles and the people that ride them, inspire me to make unique jewelry that’s as original as the folks I roll with. The jewelry I make is for people who want something that’s rugged and unique, can be worn under gloves as well as out on the town. You don’t have to ride bikes to appreciate my stuff, it’s  for everyone. My goods are made in Atlanta for people that want original things that can’t be found in a big box store.

Here’s some of my favorite photos from the shoot.


The Silver Piston + MotoLady Road Saint ring- thick banded silver with a rounded mercury dime, engraved with a custom design by Shane ‘Hobo’ Hunter. Bonus round- the custom arrow signet ring with ML stamping!


This one, below, is the Silver Piston Hobo Mercury Dime– one of his most popular items.


We had a good time, goofing around taking photos while I did some general maintenance and stuff around the shop.



This is one of my favorite shots- Wolf put every single ring on one hand. The one on top is the MotoLady cocktail ring I described earlier, and the one closest to his knuckle is actually Wolf’s personal ring, the Buffalo Nickel ring.


Make sure to check out the Bobby Do Right website and his other photography work!

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2 Comments for “Silver Piston Shoot with Bobby Do Right”

  1. Ha! My fiance’s and my wedding bands are both on that middle finger. Great shot.

  2. Ross Harlow says:

    Great pics……..and a great product…… the pic of you with the glove! 😎