Skyline Tavern

Today while out on a ride, Justin and I spotted a few bikes pulling up to this cute Tavern up on Skyline (one of the more popular riding roads in Portland). We went back to grab some coffee and see what it was about. Turns out, it’s freaking awesome!

From the outside, it looks unassuming and quaint… and it is, but it’s also so much more. An old school “Saloon” sign dons the front of the old west styled building.

Two big Harleys, a single cylinder BSA, and a vintage Yamaha were parked outside. Inside, Justin and I grabbed some coffee.

Soon thereafter we met Jerry, one of the photo journalists of Rose City Hog (website)- who had a pretty amusing helmet. He obliged my request for a photo.

The inside of the place is really pretty awesome. 

Andy, the owner, said he doesn’t have any idea what this Kangaroo sign means.

And I just love the old western feel. Out back there’s a big BBQ pit, horseshoes, dark board, ping pong table, great view… and tons of space.

If you’re ever in Portland, and want a destination… stop by!

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