Solar Freakin’ Roadways!

Can you imagine a road system that lights up, saves money, warns you of debris ahead, melts snow and ice, pays for our electricity and cuts greenhouse gasses by up to 75%? It could be possible with these roadways made of hexagonal weight-sensitive solar panels.

You could be riding through the canyons, and a programmed DEBRIS / SLOW warning could light up to let you now there’s a boulder that fell in the road! CAN YOU IMAGINE?! That could then send a message to officials and they could be sent out to clear it. Same goes with downed powerlines, trees, the possibilties go on. 

Imagine no more painting lines that fade to an almost unrecognizable condition! Where I grew up in Portland, nighttime was brutal on most roads because of the heavy rains. Decreased visibility plus fading lane definition made some driving really sketchy! 

Here’s a video going around the interwebs called, ‘Solar FREAKIN’ Roadways’ that explains Julie and Scott’s amazing invention they’ve been working on in Sagle, ID since 2006. 

Pretty amazing stuff.

Visit their Indiegogo page for more info and links. They’ve already almost doubled their $1,000,000 goal… and they still have 20 days to go. 

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