Swedish Marines ‘Greased Lightning’ Parody Video

This may be one of the best parody videos I’ve ever seen (and it’s not just because I’m part Swedish). The flare, the sassy hip popping, the military uniforms with synchronized snapping! Oh my!

While only one motorcycle appears in this video, a Zarang ZR cruiser (manufactured in Afghanistan) it’s still right up the alley of MotoLady readers. Because, come on, we all know that synchronized dancing is amazing, and can only get better when you add in heavy artillery, lighting cigarettes with torches, and again… the sass! Something tells me these guys had a little down time in Afghanistan.

The lead “singer” who is playing Danny Zuko has so much enthusiasm!

Seriously though, they made a human pyramid on top of a giant rover. It’s important to realize that these guys are still having fun even in a terrible environment… I tip my hat to them for finding a way to keep their sanity.

The Swedes are not adverse to looking silly, which in reality just makes them look that much more awesome.

Take note, they did this whole routine with their holsters on and pistols in place… awesome.

Okay, you should probably just watch the super great video now.

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Alright, bonus round. For those of you that missed this little bit of bonus material… at 1:00 in the upper left.

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