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While You Were Blogging…

My friend Justin Coffey from Peanut Butter Coast sent me this loving photo of my friend Chris Herrin today.

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Responsibilities of a Blogger: Shares/Reposts & Crediting

How to not be an asshole while blogging and reblogging: A guide.

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hey Motolady i love your site, wanna ask you if i can add your url to my blog is kind of new …but im starting hehe thanks

Hi there! Of course you can. Why not? šŸ™‚ I always appreciate links to my blog. Also, for all y’all anonymous writers out there, please note that if I don’t respond to your messages on my blog it’s because the question or answer was irrelevant/inappropriateĀ for my readers. If you’d like a response either use a tumblr account or the submit page.

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