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Halloween Hillclimb: Bandito & Caped Crusader

Tamara Raye (dressed as a caped crusader) stares down Caroline Patterson (the Kawasaki Bandito).

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Hell on Wheels MC Halloween Hill-climb

The Hell on Wheels MC threw another dusty hoedown- the Halloween Hill-climb at the Glen Helen raceway (in San Bernadino, CA) on October 13th! Tamara Raye danced with her bike in a second attempt up the hill, still somehow looking graceful and poised. ┬áNate Hudson and his friend Connette won trophies for Banana and Gorilla Costumes, and then later Tamara wore a sumo outfit. Awesome is only the beginning of how to describe this. Vurb Moto covered the event and snapped some really great shots like spiderman on a minibike. Or Amelia… Continue Reading »

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