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Woman Motorcyclist Mural “The Biker” by Shawn Lu

Using just a small paintbrush and black acrylic paint, Australian artist Shawn Lu creates a large mural over three days, featuring a woman motorcyclist called “The Biker”.

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The Moto Quest Is On The Move

Aileen of the Moto Quest is back in Australia to rest and recoup!

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Yet Another Reason We Should All Wear Cameras

A 25 year old Australian, Chris Porter, recorded a collision with an elderly gentleman on a helmet-mounted GoPro camera. The footage ended up saving him an insurance nightmare and thousands of dollars.  Yet another reason we should all wear video cameras like GoPro or Contour whenever we ride. With most of society automatically blaming us even when we’re the victim, we really need that visual evidence to back us up.  July 16th, 2014, Melbourne: In the video you can clearly see the rider is in his own lane, hugging right, when a car… Continue Reading »

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