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Q&A: Ex-Military Bike VS Modern Sport Bike

This reader can’t decide between buying an old retired Harley military bike, or a modern Triumph Street Triple. There are many factors in this decision.

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There are so many great pictures (and movies) with women on bikes in fantastic looking leather catsuits, but how come I can only find leather tracksuits with knee pucks and Power Ranger styling? Are there really no sexy yet functional catsuits on the market?

What?! You don’t want to look like the pink power ranger?  Kidding.  This is a problem women often find in the motorcycle industry- the functional stuff is usually hideous. And that doesn’t even mean it will fit right. They do exist, though. Leslie Porterfield (the fastest woman in the world) has a rather nice race suit. What I need to know is, how functional are you looking for? Do you just want a leather catsuit that you could wear riding, or do you want a sexy leather race suit that has protection… Continue Reading »

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