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Rust Bucket Project: The Bondo Bike

At the Deviants CC compound in Vancouver, WA… I spent a few hours going at the BSA frame with an angle grinder yesterday. My mission was to remove the bondo from the frame so I could see what is really going on with the structure of the hard tail, where I need to cut and start over again.  The welds look pretty old judging by the wear and tear, and Wolf told me they were probably stick welds not something more fine tuned. Whoever built this bike must have fancied themselves a… Continue Reading »

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The Rust Bucket BSA Project Inspiration

While I’m finishing the Monster, I’ve had a lot of things rattling around in my brain for this Rust Bucket / BSA Project of mine. Firstly, I found out it’s a 1958 BSA A7 or A10. The difference being the exact model and either 500 or 650cc (thanks to everyone who corrected my typo). I’m stoked to know it’s about 7 years older than I thought and pre-1960s! So cool.  Hand stamped VIN number close up- this is one thing I love very much about this bike. It might have been bondo-ed… Continue Reading »

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The Rust Bucket Project: Phase 1

So, I bought this early 60’s BSA frame a couple months ago from a neighbor with the intent to start working on it when the Monster is done. I didn’t post about it because I knew I’d catch a whole lot of flack from people wondering why the hell my Monster has taken so long, and why I’m picking up new projects before the first is done. But let’s face it, if you’re into motorcycles and especially customizing them… you know exactly what is going on here.  It’s got a Harley rear… Continue Reading »

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