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MotoLady Three Year Party Review

Reviewing the MotoLady three year anniversary party where the Monster Project was officially revealed! Awesome raffle prizes, food, beer, bikes, and great music!

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Gloria Tramontin Struck Why We Ride Star

Gloria Tramonin Struck, 87 years young and still riding, was one of the original members of Motor Maids.

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Why We Ride Documentary: Coming Soon

It took me a while to sit down and watch this trailer, despite multiple people sending it to me. Why? I’m not sure. Perhaps because I felt capturing “why we ride” in a trailer is impossible, and in a full length film difficult yet. But also because I felt that I needed to devote a minute of my undivided attention to the footage, and forcing myself to do that is sometimes difficult these days.  I finally pressed play and have to admit- I got goosebumps, there may have been some tears. They… Continue Reading »

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