Kristen & Her Wolf Dog

Kristen Evelyn Baier from Missouri with her stock 1979 Honda 200 motorcycle and big white wolf dog Arcticus, photographed by Naveen Mahadevan.

Kristen’s  blog is called the Girl on a Motorcycle (, and has an interesting story to tell. When asked about adopting a wolf-hybrid dog, she told Inked Magazine, “He needed to be rescued and nobody wanted a dog that was 100 pounds. I felt for him; I was in foster care and never got adopted because I wasn’t a young baby, just like Arcticus.”

She is also a drummer, has some very large Native American tattoo pieces, and loves rock and roll.

Kristen Evelyn Baier

Photograph by Drew Piester |

 more real women who ride | Naveen Mahadevan photography | source

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5 Comments for “Kristen & Her Wolf Dog”

  1. Franco says:

    Wow, just wow, I can’t think of anything more to say.

  2. Thegirlonamotorcycle says:

    😀 I could just die right meow this is one of the biggest honors I could of asked for!!

  3. Kamil Arıkut says:

    After Inked , now I see your pics here, liked them, kiss the wolfy for me 🙂

  4. Aaron Kirschner says:

    I went to high school with her and was freinds with her for well over 6 years.
    1. That dog is 100% Husky
    2. Was she hiding the fact that she could drum? I’ve never once heard her drumming on anything.
    3. She had an assignment to create a poem and recite it in front of our English class. She took lyrics from a “Cage The Elephant” song and used them as her own words. I don’t know how the teacher got fooled.
    4. That’s more like a scooter than a true motorcycle.
    5. One time her ex boyfriend fingered her in our other friend’s car. He had toilet paper stuck to his finger when he pulled it out, and they all had to literally evacuate the car due to the stench.
    6. She had sex with a ton of photographers just for attention, probably how she got on here honestly.

    These are 100 percent facts.
    I swear my life on them.