The Moto Quest: Aileen’s Out of Bali


In April of 2014, Aileen started a bike build with the guys at Verve Moto in Bali. The idea was to take that bike on the road for an indefinite amount of time. The trip is called “The Moto Quest”- born from the need for Aileen to follow her heart and passions, travel the world and explore all that it has to offer. Through talking with this vibrant and inspiring young lady, I’ve gotten to know her a bit more. She and I share some qualities in motorcycling and the way we handle the world- she speaks of anxiety about her trip, about her bike troubles, about saying goodbye to places she makes home. It’s something we can all identify with even though it feels unique to each of us while we experience this fretfulness.

The Moto Quest bike build is done, but the ride itself has been having various issues for a little while now- some of which made readers cringe and worry for Aileen’s safety… such as this wicked wheel bearing failure. For a minute there, she was feeling like Bali might be her home for a while, unable to finally get on the road to her next destination, Lombok.


But despite her issues she carried on, finally able to get on the ferry to Lombok.


She’s having a good time so far- “Oooooh the roads in Lombok are such a treat in comparison to Bali! What a joyful ride through the lush rainforest of Mountain Pusuk.” Yep, there’s a monkey in that photo.


The Moto Quest Honda Tiger scrambler all loaded up.

Yep, there’s a monkey in that photo.


“Heading further north for a day trip to Bayan.”

“I’m in motorcycle heaven!! Lombok’s North is breathtaking. The ocean on one side, lush mountain views on the other. The road conditions are good and there’s not much traffic. Loving it!”


Here’s to more motorcyclists on the road having their own adventures! Aileen’s adventures will be featured on the MotoLady website, often with exclusive first-look photos… don’t miss it!

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