The One Motorcycle Show Books Vol. 1 & 2

While each facet of our everyday life has it’s own culture that is constantly developing, motorcycling is one that seems to have much room to grow. We are behind the times in some areas; ideals and standards were formed and are now being broken, however more often in some regions. More evident in motorcycle racing where the rules and regulations change rather frequently and are written and formal, other pockets and cliques of motorcycle community have unspoken norms that most people adhere to. Similar to the way we build societal norms dependent upon religion, race, region, etc… sometimes it just requires someone to take a sidestep and create a new movement that transcends the average, the expected, the usual. 

To me, that’s what the One Motorcycle Show has done. While Portland has it’s own level of eclecticism that adds variety to most events, this “movement” really could have began everywhere. What movement, you ask? The movement of motorcycling becoming whatever you need it to be. A stress release, cheap travel, a way to bond with your kids or explore dirt trails… whatever it may be. 

While those who did not attend the event(s) may have not experienced the full awe-inspiring effect of each painstaking custom detail, the first and second volumes of the One Motorcycle Show books will give them that ability.

 The bikes were photographed by notable photographers Chris Hornbecker and Ray Gordon, and the designs carefully put together by Peetkegler… allowing the soul of each motorcycle to speak through ink on paper. 

Here’s the catch: The kickstarter campaign has a $50,000 goal and 16 days left. For a pledge of $90 you receive both volumes of the book. If 327 people did so, See See would reach their goal. 

More information (like a cute dorky video of Thor talking about the show) on the One Motorcycle Show Book Kickstarter page

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